Lymphedema Products

JovipakAllied Medical offers Lymphedema Products from JoViPak who is a leader in the design, research and the development of Lymphedema products. We offer patient friendly solutions to the bandaging aspect of Lymphedema treatment and management.

JoViPak products offer the following:

  • Comfort and Protection – The products offer comfort and protection with breathable fabrics, highly resilient form and are washable.
  • Easy and Reliable – Patients are relieved from the complexity, unreliability and expense of standard bandaging.
  • They are manufactured by highly skilled professions at a facility in accordance with FDA guidelines and JoViPak continually strives to provide innovative products to fill the special needs of all Lymphedema patients.

Fingers to Axilla

Fingers to Axilla. Full length gauntlet with lateral rise (over the deltoid).JoViPak's® most popular item. Available in 5 standard and 5 MAX sizes. Contoured to cover the DIP's and thumb to the base of the nail bed. Continuous Flow™ channeling from the fingers to a point just above the deltoid (approx. 3" above the axilla, or G measurement) directs lymph flow laterally to functional alternate pathways. Lateral rise eliminates pooling at the proximal end of the limb. Available in Polartec® Power Dry® Royal Blue and Polartec® Power Dry® Pink (with odor resistant fiber)

Toes to Knee

Toes to Knee (tibial tuberosity). Continuous Flow© channels direct lymph flow along normal pathways. The sole extends to the tip of the toes, but the top of the toes are exposed. This garment can also be used for Venous Insufficiency patients when there is foot involvement and no open wounds. A matching JoVi Safety-Sok with non-slip sole is included with each order. Royal Blue Polartec® Power Dry® or Leaf Green.