Custom Garments

We specialize in custom garments for the treatment of vascular disorders and scarring due to burns. Custom garments help to restore fluid dynamics to a more normal venous and lymphatic state. Each garment is engineered to fit precisely, transferring counterpressures to underlying tissues as prescribed, regardless of limb size or configuration.

Features and Benefits of Compression Therapy:

  • Custom made to ensure a precise fit and compression
  • All styles available in black and beige to offer patients the two most popular fashion colors
  • Available in 76 styles and options, including knee, thigh, waist high, chaps, arm sleeves, reinforcements, and zippers to ensure patients get exactly the garment they need
  • Good breathability to keep patients comfortable
  • Unique gradient compression for effective management of vascular disorders
  • Designed for 20-65+mmHg compression to fit a wide range of patient indications
  • Blend of spandex and nylon or spandex, nylon and polyester for enhanced durability
  • No latex rubber yarn to eliminate risk of latex allergies
  • Silicone bands are available to help garments stay in place

Our staff of certified fitters is always ready to assist and guide you in the selection of the proper garment, as prescribed by your physician. To be fitted for your custom garment, you may visit our store or we can make arrangements with your physician or hospital to be measured at their facilities.

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